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"Ash Wednesday: God's Prophecy and Christian Warfare"

Pray for the Suffering Souls in Purgatory!

French Holy Card 1867 A.D. 
Translation: “You do not have any stable abode here.”



"Ash Wednesday: God's Prophecy and Christian Warfare"


A meditation by Fr. UK 



"Remember, O man, that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return" - this prophetic text from the Book of Genesis, 3:19, is what a priest says, while he marks with blessed ash, his own head and the heads of the clergy and the people.


During the ceremony on Ash Wednesday, the people pray together with the priest:


"Grant us, O Lord, to enter upon the duties of our Christian warfare with holy fasts, that, being about to fight against the spirits of wickedness, we may be fortified by the help of self-denial. Through Christ our Lord. R. Amen."


How simple are the words of the Church, when She teaches us, that the purpose of Lent is Christian warfare against the spirits of wickedness.


Very often people fight against the spirits of wickedness surrounding them, and that is indeed the Christian duty, but how often do they fight against the same kind of spirits, inside of themselves?


We fight against the pride and injustice of our neighbors, against the cynicism and cruelty of the world today, but how often do we fight against our own sins?


We are wondering about the future of things to be, trying to figure out, when one or another event will occur, and trying to prepare ourselves for those events. But how often are we thinking about the God, who can take our souls much earlier, for the particular just judgment? And that it could happen tomorrow or even tonight, as it was with the rich man from the Lord's parable?


We spend a lot of time, spiritual and physical energy, trying to figure out when the globe will become dust. But how often do we seriously think about the day when our bodies will become dust?


Let us never forget this powerful prophecy of God: "thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return", and that it could happen to each one of us, much earlier than any future cataclysmic event. In fact, it could happen the very moment we are so busy meditating on the destinies of nations and the whole world.”


-Fr. UK


(Ash Wednesday, February 14, 2018 A.D.)



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"To conquer himself is the grandest victory that man can gain."

(St. Ignatius of Loyola, Letter 51) 


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