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On the 100th Anniversary of Fatima (By Fr. Peter Tran)
A Voice in the Desert 
Dear True Catholics,
You must be proud of the title "Catholic", and be vigilant, as the Day of Darkness is coming soon. To worthily bear the name of Catholic, means you must fight for the True Faith!
You have heard that there is a rumor that North Korea will be "an Armageddon", as the nuclear weapons of China, Russia, France, and America are gradually moving toward the tiny island.  And you also hear predictions that World War III will happen between May 13 to October 13 year 2017, the anniversary event for 100 years ago, when Our Lady of Fatima warned mankind that a World Punishment is coming.
This Punishment should have been *completed a long time ago, because SINS ARE EVERYWHERE... EVEN IN THE HOUSE OF GOD! The delay of this Worldwide  Punishment is by the Mercy of God - until the number of the Elect is full.
Do you want to be a member of This List? Then you must practice the Fatima message, right now! If you do not, then everything may already be too late for you.
Those who have ears, should understand the Word of God.
Rev. Fr. Peter Tran
May 13th, 2017 A.D.
The 100th Anniversary of the Apparition 
of The Most Blessed Virgin Mary at
Fatima, Portugal on May 13th, 1917 A.D.
*Note: Fr. Tran is primarily commenting on the coming material chastisement prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima, who warned that "...nations will be annihilated". Of course Fr. Tran knows well, that the spiritual punishment of having the truly elected Pope at the 1958 Conclave ("Siri", who chose the name Gregory XVII) criminally usurped of his throne, by the freemason Roncalli [Antipope John XXIII], is the far worst of all punishments - meted out upon this ungrateful world, completely awash in sin. -ED



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“I want you to continue to say the rosary every day.” -Our Lady of Fatima




Learn the hidden History of "the Consecration"  

(on May 13th, 1991) by the True Pope, in exile, here.


"It is necessary for salvation that all the faithful of Christ be subject to the Roman Pontiff."
(V Lateran Council)


"Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him." 

(Jacinta Marto, Seer at Fatima)

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CENTENARY OF 2nd APPARITION at FATIMA. Read this day's apparition on

Papal Restoration Staff Member | Reply 20.05.2017 00.54

Today, May 20th, is the birthday of Fr. Peter Tran - see - for those who would like to send a gift of alms, and/or have Masses said by this providential priest, go to:


May 5th, 2017 marked the 50 year anniversary of Fr. Tran's ordination! See:

Deo gratias!

Scott M. | Reply 15.05.2017 10.33

Please tell me how to obtain a properly blessed beeswax candle.


Hi. A member of the PRC Staff who handles sending the 100% beeswax blessed (by a priest with canonical mission/jurisdiction from Pope Gregory XVIII) candles, will contact you shortly.

N Gomes | Reply 13.05.2017 21.08

Blessed be Our Lady of Fatima protect and guide us against evil and danger.. May Her Holy Name be Glorified forever and ever...Amen

John Nicolas | Reply 13.05.2017 19.27

Thank you, dear Reverend Father. May the Blessed Mother of God guide and protect us!

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At what is known as "The Grand Strand" part of South Carolina (a beautiful area on the ocean). Email for specifics. Easter Mass will be there too.

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hi I will do that what state and city is the candlemass going to be said in thank you

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Hi. One of the best ways to obtain one is to come to Candlemas on Feb 2, 2018 on the SE US Coast for the special blessings of candles. Please contact for more details.

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Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico today with winds of 155 mph -- just 2 mph short of Category 5 status, according to the National Hurricane Center.

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