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Lefebvre's Heresy Attacking The Incarnation (CONDEMNED)
Excerpts from The Veritas Staff's exposé:

"We realize he (a Lefebvre hero WORSHIPER) is upset, furiously upset, because Veritas pointed out in October 1976 (page 7) errors of his friend Marcel Lefebvre and ran a picture of the fellow [Lefebvre] meeting with Paul 6 (page 8 of same issue). But malicious falsehood is hardly the proper response to truth. Flying off the handle does not wipe away the Trinitarian heresy and the attack on the Divine Maternity (that Lefebvre publicly manifested in June 1976). [T]he disclosures ... rocked and shocked the Lefebvre camp; for their idol was caught in heresy...

Understandably, all this is too, too much for some Lefebvrites to bear or to tolerate. Many decided not to accept the hard, harsh, cold facts. Many are in so deep they don't intend to pull back, heresy and schism notwithstanding. We see ... some have reacted by way of rash and false charges, endeavoring to destroy the integrity of the USA Catholics who are courageously writing in defense of the Faith, in defense of Apostolic Catholic doctrine."

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Papal Restoration Staff Member | Reply 05.11.2015 06.00

"All heretics of every name and every sect, and those who give them
credence, or who receive or countenance them, and generally all those
who take up their defense, are hereby excommunicated." -Pope Pius IX

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19.02 | 16:21

I would love to meet Fr. UK. I hope to attend the next meeting.

05.02 | 21:20

The Blessed Virgin Mary again assures us of her protective rights: “I was granted by my Divine Son a great protection on behalf of all my children.” (Source: pp. 112-3, Prophecies of La Fraudais) Read more on this prophecy at:

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“Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us .” —300 days' indulgence each time (Pope Pius XI).

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This painting is just gorgeous! Blessed be the Most Holy Trinity, now and forever!

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