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The "Systematic Stifling" of the Message of La Salette


Note to Reader: The following prophecies were extracted from: "Marie-Julie Julie Jahenny, The Breton Stigmatist" by Marquis de la Franquerie, pages 27, 28, 29. To read this book CLICK HERE.


On 19th of September 1901 — anniversary of the apparition at La Salette — Our Lady said:


"... My children, when I remember the day I brought MY WARNINGS TO THE HOLY MOUNTAIN (La Salette), to the threatened world; when I remember THE HARSH RECEPTION OF MY WORDS! ... not by all, but by many. And those who should have made them known to the souls, hearts and spirits of children with great confidence, deep penetration; THEY TOOK NO NOTICE! They despised them and most of them refused their confidence...


My Divine Son, who sees everything in the depths of consciences... who saw the CONTEMPT FOR MY PROMISES, made arrangements in Heaven for a measure of SEVERITY FOR ALL THOSE WHO REFUSED TO MAKE KNOWN MY WORD TO MY CHILDREN as a BRIGHT LIGHT, true and just ... when I see what awaits the earth, MY TEARS FLOW AGAIN."


On 4th of August 1904, the Queen of Heaven returned again to the question because of the wish of some holy priests who wanted to make known the message of La Salette:


"OTHER PASTORS REBELLED and the message was put back under seals whereas it should have been DELIVERED TO THE WORLD. It was because pastors and the priesthood [Note: the full message of La Salette laments/details significant dereliction of duty -TCW] was the great issue that there was a REBELLION... How do you expect PUNISHMENTS NOT TO FALL ON THE WORLD... THEY GO SO FAR AS TO MAKE MY WORDS DISAPPEAR and to cause suffering to the ones devoted to this Holy Cause... I will reward my good pastors... my good servants... ."


And in 1907 Our Lord added:




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