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New Site on Prophesies of Marie-Julie Jahenny Launched


TCW was informed that a new website on the holy Catholic mystic Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies (called has been launched. The site has the approbation of the Hierarchy in exile, and provides much valuable information on how to prepare for/survive the upcoming 3 Days of Darkness world-wide chastisement.


The selfless site's owner informed TCW that they will be launching another site this month for fellow members of the Church in Exile loyal to Pope Gregory XVIII. -ED

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The Blessed Virgin Mary again assures us of her protective rights: “I was granted by my Divine Son a great protection on behalf of all my children.” (Source: pp. 112-3, Prophecies of La Fraudais) Read more on this prophecy at:

Papal Restoration Staff Member | Reply 08.08.2016 13.17

"The Physical Chastisements Begin With the Sun"... see new section on this grave subject on the Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies site at:

VINCENT NORTON | Reply 12.03.2015 08.44

Can you say what the owner of this site on Marie Julie Jahenny next site this month will be about?


Not at this time. They have mentioned two interesting subjects. We will keep you posted.

Hans Wick | Reply 10.03.2015 07.13

I am very happy with this website. many practical issues on preparation.Our Lord assures us that we should not be afraid

Nicholas Gomes | Reply 08.03.2015 16.08

Wonderful website of, job well done..thank you and God Bless.

Nicholas Rosvanis | Reply 08.03.2015 12.43

Love reading her phrophesies

Vincent Norton | Reply 08.03.2015 12.31

This site on MJ Jahenny's prophecies displays great on my smartphone. Like it!

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Yesterday | 18:16

TCW wishes all its readers a Happy Feast of the Annunciation. Read more here:

25.03 | 03:42

Indeed St. Catherine Labouré was informed of the error of France. A little can be noticed here -

20.03 | 12:20

What a treasure chest of information and devotions on this new site! So valuable to those of us who live our True Faith at home; thank you. Praised be the BVM!

16.03 | 12:34

Receive True Sacraments (including Confirmation) in Naples, Italy from a cleric with jurisdiction from Pope Gregory XVIII, the first week in April. Contact the PRC Staff, at for more details.

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