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Physicist/NASA Astronaut On Large Asteroid Hitting Earth
(Reuters 03/20/2013, Re-posted by The Guardian, UK): Physicist and former NASA astronaut, Dr. Edward Lu, discusses the threat that near-earth asteroids pose to the earth. Dr. Lu says there is a 30% chance of an approximately five megaton impact happening this century. He says technologies exist that the scientific community thinks may prevent impacts to earth, but without years of advance notice there would be "no options". (NOTE FROM THE EDITOR OF TCW: listen closely and watch Dr. Lu say his last sentence. He says, "If you have less than [noticeable pause] a... few years notice [he looks disturbed and then away], right now there [sentence disjoint] we have no options." One can almost think it seems he knows something is coming.

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Hans W | Reply 27.01.2015 16.31

great portions of coastal areas will be flooded. those living there should move asap. I pray all of us make it to Brittany.


Yes, Brittany will receive a special protection more than any place in the world, yet still will experience "The 3 Days". The Great Monarch will be there at some point and a wonderful Shrine will be built where Catholicism will thrive more than ever!

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Yesterday | 20:39

If you have not, be sure to join the AIHM (Archconfraternity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) - and pass the priceless opportunity on to your family/friends! See:

13.12 | 17:48

Hi Nicolas, please email or call 1-888-598-2008 for information/requirements to attend.

12.12 | 22:00

Where in Italy is this Christmas Mass being said? How do I get proper information for travel?

12.12 | 20:02

Indeed, TOTAL cowards... the V2 Masonic Antipopes refer to these dogs "religion" as quote, "One of the three great world religions"... by which they mean: Talmudism, Novus Ordoism, and Jihadism.

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