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Pray for the Suffering Souls in Purgatory!

French Holy Card 1867 A.D. 
Translation: “You do not have any stable abode here.”



"Ash Wednesday: God's Prophecy and Christian Warfare"


A meditation by Fr. UK 



"Remember, O man, that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return" - this prophetic text from the Book of Genesis, 3:19, is what a priest says, while he marks with blessed ash, his own head and the heads of the clergy and the people.


During the ceremony on Ash Wednesday, the people pray together with the priest:


"Grant us, O Lord, to enter upon the duties of our Christian warfare with holy fasts, that, being about to fight against the spirits of wickedness, we may be fortified by the help of self-denial. Through Christ our Lord. R. Amen."


How simple are the words of the Church, when She teaches us, that the purpose of Lent is Christian warfare against the spirits of wickedness.


Very often people fight against the spirits of wickedness surrounding them, and that is indeed the Christian duty, but how often do they fight against the same kind of spirits, inside of themselves?


We fight against the pride and injustice of our neighbors, against the cynicism and cruelty of the world today, but how often do we fight against our own sins?


We are wondering about the future of things to be, trying to figure out, when one or another event will occur, and trying to prepare ourselves for those events. But how often are we thinking about the God, who can take our souls much earlier, for the particular just judgment? And that it could happen tomorrow or even tonight, as it was with the rich man from the Lord's parable?


We spend a lot of time, spiritual and physical energy, trying to figure out when the globe will become dust. But how often do we seriously think about the day when our bodies will become dust?


Let us never forget this powerful prophecy of God: "thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return", and that it could happen to each one of us, much earlier than any future cataclysmic event. In fact, it could happen the very moment we are so busy meditating on the destinies of nations and the whole world.”


-Fr. UK


(Ash Wednesday, February 14, 2018 A.D.)



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"To conquer himself is the grandest victory that man can gain."

(St. Ignatius of Loyola, Letter 51) 


"The Marriage at Cana", c. 1500 A.D., by Gerard David, Musée du Louvre, Paris 



Excerpts from: "Marriage and Parenthood, the Catholic Idea"

By Rev. Fr. Thomas J. Gerrard, 1911 A.D., Imprimatur 



"The state of marriage, therefore, as reflected in the mysteries of the Incarnation and the Church is seen to have the high function not only of procreating human beings to replenish the earth, but also of training them in the higher life of grace and thus preparing them for the still higher life of glory....

[T]he chief reason for the institution of matrimony was the welfare of the offspring, not merely the existence of the offspring, but its growth and development, the promotion of all its interests. Therefore it was that God so made man and woman that they should love each other, that they should foster that love and concentrate it on each other by excluding all other love of the same kind, that they should make it so strong and lasting that only death should be able to bring about a breach of the union. 

All this points to the fact that the marriage bond is a law of nature. It is a mutual agreement by which a man and a woman give themselves to each other until death, and this chiefly for the sake of the highest interest of the children which shall be born to them....

The Church then... sets aside all false modesty and tells them in grave and plain language what their duties are. The first duty is the bringing of children into the world and the educating of them in the service of God; the second duty is mutual love and service in the companionship of domestic life....

More important, however, is the case where the young man finds the single life a constant temptation to impurity. Then must he seriously turn his attention to marriage as to his salvation. "It is better to marry than to burn." And it is best of all to marry early, before bad habits are formed. The number of unhappy homes, caused through youthful indiscretion before marriage, is appalling. It were better therefore to marry, even with poverty in prospect, than to lead a single life continually tempted and perhaps continually falling....

There are three ends for which marriage was instituted, and consequently three reasons which make the marriage act lawful and holy. The first and chief is the begetting of children. The second is the calming of concupiscence, and consequent avoiding of incontinence. The third is the fostering of conjugal love and affection... ." 


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The PRC is very pleased to announce that the faithful will be able to receive all necessary Sacraments, including Confirmation, (una cum) Pope Gregory XVIII,  at the Holy Week/Easter meeting, this Spring, in the beautiful Grand Strand, of SC.


For details on how to reserve your place at the upcoming meeting of True Catholics, in the U.S., please email the PRC Staff at  Note: some have already booked flights. We encourage those who have pre-registered, to get their accommodations in place soon, as prices will increase in the area, as Easter approaches. 




Image of a portion of The Grand Strand (Beaches) in SC, USA



We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones this Easter, in SC!



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Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!


The Papal Restoration Staff




“I called upon the Lord, the father of my Lord, that he would not leave 

me in the day of my trouble, and in the time of the proud, without help.”
(Ecclus, li. 14)


“I give thee thanks, O thou the lover of our souls,

that thou callest me to thy Paradise!”



Prayer (Collect).


Let blessed Dorothy, thy Virgin and Martyr, O Lord, sue for our pardon, who by the purity of her life, and the profession of thy virtue, was always well pleasing to thee. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.



To-day again, it is one of the most amiable of Christ's spouses that comes to console us by her presence; it is Dorothy, the simple and intrepid virgin, who strews the path of her martyrdom with prodigies of sweetest charity. The religion of Christ alone can produce in timid women, like the Saint of to-day, an energy which, at times, surpasses that of the most valiant Martyrs among men. Thus does our Lord glorify his infinite power, by crushing Satan's head with what is by nature so weak. The enmity put, by God, between the Woman and the Serpent (Gen, iii. 15), is for ever showing itself in those sublime Acts of the Martyrs, where the rebel Angel is defeated by an enemy, whom he knew to be weak, and therefore scorned to fear; but that very weakness, which made her victory the grander, made his humiliation the bitterer. Surely, such History must have taught him how powerful an enemy he has in a Christian woman; and we, who can boast of having so many heroines among the ancestors of our Holy Faith, should cherish their memory, and confide in their protection, for their intercession is powerful with Him they died for. One of the noblest of these comes to us to day; let us celebrate her victory, and merit her patronage.



The Lessons given in the Dominican Breviary are so much fuller than the Legend of the Roman Liturgy, that we have not hesitated to insert them here.


The holy virgin Dorothy, of Cesarea in Cappadocia, was apprehended by Apricius, the governor of that province, on account of her professing the faith of Christ. She was put under the care of her two sisters, Chrysta and Callista, who had apostatised from the faith, and would be able to shake the resolute constancy of Dorothy. But she brought them back to the faith, for which they were burnt to death in a cauldron. The governor ordered Dorothy to be hoisted on the rack, and she said to him, as she lay upon it: “Never in my whole life have I felt such joy, as I do to-day.” Then the governor ordered the executioners to burn her sides with lighted lamps, and beat her for a very long time on the face, and finally behead her with the sword.


Whilst she was being led to the place of execution, she said: “I give thee thanks, O thou the lover of our souls, that thou callest me to thy Paradise!” Theophilus, one of the governor's officers, hearing her words, laughed, and said to her: “Hear me, Bride of Christ! I'll ask thee to send me some apples and roses from this Paradise of thy Spouse.” Dorothy replied: “Well, and so I will.” Before she was beheaded, she was allowed a moment for prayer; when lo! a beautiful child came to her, bringing with him in a napkin three apples and three roses. She said to him: “Take them, I pray thee, to Theophilus.” Then, the executioner struck her head off with his sword, and her soul fled to Christ.


Whilst Theophilus was jocosely telling his fellows the promise made him by Dorothy, he sees a boy bringing him in a napkin three fine apples, and three most lovely roses, who, as he gave them, said: “Lo! the most holy virgin Dorothy sends thee, as she promised, these gifts from the Paradise of her spouse.” Theophilus was beside himself with surprise, for it was February, and the frost most sharp; but taking the gifts, he exclaimed: “Christ is truly God!” He openly professed the Christian faith, and courageously suffered for the same a most painful martyrdom.


Taken from: The Liturgical Year – Septuagesima, Edition 1870; and
The Divine Office for the use of the Laity, Volume I, 1806.



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Approved website, -TCW

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