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The Hierarchy wishes all True Catholics a Happy Feast of The Assumption of the B.V.M.! And desires all of them who can attend, to avail themselves of the Holy Sacraments to be offered this fall, by clergy in union with Pope Gregory XVIII - in the US and in Italy.


For those who want to receive all necessary Sacraments and get sacramentals blessed by True Catholic clergy (i.e., those with canonical mission/jurisdiction), please contact the Papal Restoration Staff at or *call Toll-Free 1-888-598-2008 for more details.


*(Phone calls taken in English, Spanish, French, and Italian)
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Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!


The Papal Restoration Staff



 Ecclesiastical Approbation

In Today's Catholic World ( carries the approbation in writing of the Holy See in exile. It faithfully adheres to the rules for Catholic Journals mandated by Leo XIII in the Apostolic Constitution Officiorum ac Munerum, January 25, 1897 - so heavily re-stressed by Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, September 8, 1907

A Voice in the Desert 
Dear True Catholics,
You must be proud of the title "Catholic", and be vigilant, as the Day of Darkness is coming soon. To worthily bear the name of Catholic, means you must fight for the True Faith!
You have heard that there is a rumor that North Korea will be "an Armageddon", as the nuclear weapons of China, Russia, France, and America are gradually moving toward the tiny island.  And you also hear predictions that World War III will happen between May 13 to October 13 year 2017, the anniversary event for 100 years ago, when Our Lady of Fatima warned mankind that a World Punishment is coming.
This Punishment should have been *completed a long time ago, because SINS ARE EVERYWHERE... EVEN IN THE HOUSE OF GOD! The delay of this Worldwide  Punishment is by the Mercy of God - until the number of the Elect is full.
Do you want to be a member of This List? Then you must practice the Fatima message, right now! If you do not, then everything may already be too late for you.
Those who have ears, should understand the Word of God.
Rev. Fr. Peter Tran
May 13th, 2017 A.D.
The 100th Anniversary of the Apparition 
of The Most Blessed Virgin Mary at
Fatima, Portugal on May 13th, 1917 A.D.
*Note: Fr. Tran is primarily commenting on the coming material chastisement prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima, who warned that "...nations will be annihilated". Of course Fr. Tran knows well, that the spiritual punishment of having the truly elected Pope at the 1958 Conclave ("Siri", who chose the name Gregory XVII) criminally usurped of his throne, by the freemason Roncalli [Antipope John XXIII], is the far worst of all punishments - meted out upon this ungrateful world, completely awash in sin. -ED



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“I want you to continue to say the rosary every day.” -Our Lady of Fatima




Learn the hidden History of "the Consecration"  

(on May 13th, 1991) by the True Pope, in exile, here.


"It is necessary for salvation that all the faithful of Christ be subject to the Roman Pontiff."
(V Lateran Council)


"Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him." 

(Jacinta Marto, Seer at Fatima)
"The Church appeared to her [Ven. Elizabeth] standing before the throne of God, supplicating Him to spare her children ... . But the Most High refused to listen, and said to her: "Take the part of My Justice, and judge your own cause." At these words the Church took off all her ornaments, aided by three Angels, executioners of Divine Justice; reduced to this sad state, she became so weak that she could not support herself. Then Our Lord gave her a staff to support herself upon, and a veil to cover her head.

In her desolation she bitterly sobbed, and deplored the solitude IN WHICH HER CHILDREN HAD LEFT HER."
End Times Vision of Papal Prophetess, Venerable Elizabeth Canori Mora (d. 1825) Extracted from: "Life of the Venerable Elizabeth Canori Mora", pp. 102-103, LONDON: R. WASHBOURNE, 18 PATERNOSTER ROW., 1878 A.D.


"In the week that followed the publication of this article ("The Pope: Could He Be Cardinal Siri?", July 1986), Monsieur de Franquerie received two phone calls from Rome, proving that even a small highly confidential review was read at the Vatican. Correspondents wanted to know if the article was serious, that, Monsieur Franquerie of them confirmed.


The article was later translated into English, German, Spanish, Italian and distributed everywhere... ." (L’Eglise Eclipsée by Les Amis de Christ-Roi, Editions Delacroix, 1997 Paris)



The Editor of TCW, and all True Catholics, owe an incredible amount of thanks to the *Marquis de la Franquerie, and his distinguished colleagues, for their truly ground breaking interview with "Cardinal Siri" (Pope Gregory XVII) on May 18th, 1985. That providential meeting paved the way for today's True Papal Restoration Campaign - whose sole goal is to visibly restore Pope Gregory XVII's worthy successor, Pope Gregory XVIII, to his lawful Throne. 


*Marquis de la Franquerie was a French Royalist. In 1926 he was appointed editor-in-Chief of the Church Approved magazine, the International Review of Secret Societies. He was made a chamberlain by His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, and was a noted expert at exposing Freemasonry. Hence, he was both greatly respected, and also feared, by certain prelates in his time. It was this background/clout that enabled him to gain access to the hostage pope, in Genoa, that fateful day in May.   


Provided below is the account of that historic May 18th, 1985 meeting, recorded by one of the eyewitnesses present, Monsieur Luis-Hubert Remy. It is important to note that Pope Gregory XVII, in clandestine meetings with traditional Catholic clergy in June 1988, would further reveal that he was elected pope, accepted the office, and chose the name Gregorius XVII at the October 26, 1958 Conclave. And related that his masonic captors could kill him at any time. (Less than eleven months after these secretive June 1988 meetings, Gregory XVII was dead). 



"Siri said we had to pray for future Conclaves, for grace so that those who would participate would be truly free of any type of conditioning or influence, not only in ethnical or political terms but also social. We had to pray that 'there would be no manipulation by any SECT'."
Fr. Raimondo Spiazzi, "Il Cardinale Giuseppe Siri", Bologna: Studio Dominicani, 1990. (Note: The quote from Spiazzi's book was extracted from the "30 Days" magazine article, "Infiltrators? Yes... ”, November 1991, p. 55.) His Holiness, always under surveillance, is talking about maintaining the integrity of "'future' Conclaves"... clearly implying that the "past" 1958 Conclave's LAWFUL/TRUE RESULT (which made him Christ's Vicar) was satanically manipulated (FALSIFIED) by the Freemasonic sect... which had successfully installed their brethren Roncalli (A.K.A. Antipope John XXIII), to hasten their age-old goal of total destruction of the Catholic Church.

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Yesterday | 18:34

The Monday (Aug 21) after the Feast of the Assumption, is the day we can obtain a signal grace on how to overcome the terrible diseases coming after the 3 Days of Darkness. Read what Our Lady has instructed at:

17.08 | 11:28

If the gift of the sun miracle is rejected at Fatima, we deserve to be chastised. Could be God's final public warning before the Three Days of Darkness. GBPRS

14.08 | 11:42

"The Pope will suffer much, His successor (Gregory XVIII) will guide the boat in the tempest. However the punishment of the impious will not be delayed. ... The wicked and the obstinate will perish." (Prophecy of Sister Elena Aiello 12/8/1956)

14.08 | 00:27

Hi Mary, due to the generousity of the True faithful, we are very close to the goal of being able to provide for a priest to stay on the East Coast of the US for 3 to 6 months, who will offer True Sacraments to the Underground Church.