Listen to Pre-Usurpation Gregorian Chant

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(Note: after music starts just leave the window open to hear the sacred chant as you view our site)

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Today | 23:15

Hi. A Papal Restoration Staff member will contact you within 24 hours. J.M.J.

Today | 20:10

I am requesting a blessed candle. Please let me know amount for shipping.
Thank you

30.08 | 19:23

TODAY, Sunday August 30th, begins the NOVENA to The Nativity of Our Lady. The Church approved novena can be found here:

28.08 | 11:09

Thank you Rich R., in Maryland for your longtime support of Fr. Peter Tran's mission entrusted to him (and his team of clergyman) by the "Hostage Pope", Gregory XVII. May God reward you!