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Yesterday | 10:57

See article, "Not John Paul the "Great", but John Paul the Jew" from site that exposes the Rosicrucian V2-Sect (Link:

21.04 | 18:31

Just took a call from what turned out to be a fanatical Feeneyite/Dimond Bros perverted heretic. Read them true Douay Rheims Annotations to Ch. 5 St John's that baptism by desire is part of de fide (waste of precious time)... had to hang up on the zombie.

19.04 | 14:24

Hi. The worst (ever) enemies of the Cross of Christ have perpetrated this crime on the whole Church. They are now unmasked. Pray for the strength to join us few true Catholics remaining, who are fighting these beasts ... and are assured victory! (cont.)

19.04 | 14:16

"Persecution brings forth Saints." -St. Augustine