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Today | 19:45

Nellie, I think they were led down that alien "mass alone" path (decades ago) on purpose. Regardless, at this point how can the larger number of
those proud schismatics not be culpable?

Today | 17:10

Yes, Brittany will receive a special protection more than any place in the world, yet still will experience "The 3 Days". The Great Monarch will be there at some point and a wonderful Shrine will be built where Catholicism will thrive more than ever!

Yesterday | 14:31

great portions of coastal areas will be flooded. those living there should move asap. I pray all of us make it to Brittany.

25.01 | 12:40

We can do the first five saturdays properly, when able to confess and communicate again during Mass. May our Lady obtain this most precious grace for us.