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Today | 07:04

Those in Asia and Australia who would like to receive all necessary Sacraments in February 2015 (from a priest with canonical mission from the pope in exile, Gregory XVIII) please email TCW's staff.

18.12 | 13:16

Hi James. This meeting is in North America. Europeans/Asians/Australians will have access to meet a priest(s) in February/March. Please email for more specifics. And yes, the Sacrament of Baptism will be made available.

18.12 | 12:41

Hi. Where will it be possible to receive these sacraments? Is that sacrament of baptism will be also available? Thanks!

17.12 | 14:05

Today (Wednesday) is an Ember (Fast) Day. Friday and Saturday (Dec 19, 20) are Ember Days too.