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(Note: after music starts just leave the window open to hear the sacred chant as you view our site)

Latest comments

Today | 22:34

We all must be grateful for this great grace to see the True Papacy during this, The Apostasy - which the gates of hell shall never overcome. Yes indeed, Hail Pope Gregory XVIII!

Today | 22:17

Thanks for supporting the True Papal Restoration Campaign to retake the usurped throne in Rome: Hans W (NL), J.B (ME), Nick G (CAN), G Kahn (NY). May God reward you and your families.

Yesterday | 10:23

It has to be on Earth as it is in Heaven. In Heaven, God is at the head of a hierarchy. In the home and in society, man is to be at the head. Pax!

21.10 | 16:47

Thank you Pope St. Pius X. Thank you.