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24.04 | 05:48

"The need of friendship is implanted by the Creator in every human breast. It is a great happiness for us to have true friends..." Read more here:

22.04 | 00:47

The infant of Prague is a most powerful intercessor. Pray to him with confidence and with perseverance, and he will resolve all of your problems and bless all your endeavours!

20.04 | 10:38

Thanks for supporting the Clergy (worldwide) of the Church in Exile: Robert T (FL), Lorraine E (AUS), Tim D (CA), Deb S (OH), William J (OR), Raffaele (Italy), Nicholas C (CT), Michael R (TX), Reggie R (NY), Patricia J (France).

20.04 | 08:06

See close up of stunning image of The Holy Face, located within Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Church in Corpus Christi, TX - site of the May 20-22 meeting of True Catholics, at this link: