Listen to Pre-Usurpation Gregorian Chant

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(Note: after music starts just leave the window open to hear the sacred chant as you view our site)

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21.09 | 20:07

Thanks... a Papal Restoration Staff member will contact you within 24 hours. Also you may call us Toll-Free at: 1-888-598-2008.


20.09 | 12:42

Sure, as time permits, we will make a video and post it. It's a skill my dad taught me when I was a young teenager. The one's on YouTube I recently reviewed don't utilize the same technique I learned - which is most effective.

20.09 | 08:28

I saw recently your website and I loved very much all the things you say and describe there. I would like to obtain a properly blessed 100% beeswax candles. Can you please tell me how can I do it? Thank you very much!

19.09 | 13:12

NYPD confirms (Infidel Muslim Terrorist) Ahmad Khan Rahami captured in Linden, NJ following shootout with law enforcement agents.