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You may send an email to the Reverend Father Peter Khoat Van Tran. We must pray for and support true Papal Restoration. To send alms - or stipends (for Mass intentions) securely online using PayPal or by postal mail, please visit the Official Papal Restoration website at:
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Latest comments

28.08 | 23:28

Yes, on August 31st.

28.08 | 23:12

There are only two more days in August. Will the declassified document be posted soon?

28.08 | 16:57

Agree; I hope many more True Catholics join in on the many discussions. Thank you so much for bringing us together.

28.08 | 16:03

How simple and majestic, our holy Pope, with parents like St. Anne and Joachim, to whom God gave our Lady in reward for their holiness and our salvation