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You may send an email to the Reverend Father Peter Khoat Van Tran. We must pray for and support true Papal Restoration. To send alms - or stipends (for Mass intentions) securely online using PayPal or by postal mail, please visit the Official Papal Restoration website at:
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Latest comments

18.07 | 10:18

Yes, indeed: "Let us pray for the Holy Father (Gregory XVIII, see and the Great Monarch (Henri see"

18.07 | 08:26

No problem at all if your scapular has much use. We are guessing you probably were vested at a meeting of the underground Church last May on the East coast ... wise.

18.07 | 08:13

2 other Pontiffs vindicate Pope Pius XII on Hierarchy & Consecrations: Popes Callistus II & Paul III. See Denzinger #363 & 960.

17.07 | 22:06

Would like to know what are the requirements about a worn out Brown Scapular? was vested by a True Catholic priest of Our Holy Father Pope Gregory XVIII... JMJ