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Latest comments

Yesterday | 14:03

If the "Enemies of the Cross" can do this in broad daylight, in the most visible city in the world, of course they could make a pope a controlled hostage. St. Michael protect the Hierarchy in eclipse!

Yesterday | 13:21

Poor Holy Father! This is a clip of few seconds. How he must have gone through his life since 26 October 1958 until his death. All this shouldn't have occurred!

24.11 | 13:30

This is the first time I've heard of Eve Lavalliere, Catholic penitent, but I will begin to pray to her today.

24.11 | 10:22

Today marks the 20,500th day of the anti-Papal/anti-Christ "Sedevacantist FABLE". True Catholics must avoid this poisonous brood!