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You may send an email to the Reverend Father Peter Khoat Van Tran. We must pray for and support true Papal Restoration. To send alms - or stipends (for Mass intentions) securely online using PayPal or by postal mail, please visit the Official Papal Restoration website at:
3P's: Pence + Penance + Prayer

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Yesterday | 16:07

The Sacred Triduum begins today, Maundy Thursday. Enclosed are two Triduum [3 Day] prayers (see: one can say for their special intentions.

14.04 | 21:05

This is so timely! Thank you for citing both the council and the Denzinger #. I have been trying to find this for a friend

14.04 | 15:17

Hi. Fr. Peter Tran offers the Holy Mass for True Catholic's intentions - as do some other priests. You may contact Fr. Tran at:

14.04 | 14:41

Dear fellow catholics. I urge everyone to help me search for old Priests and to bring them the good news. It´s vital. Blessings this Good Week